Managed Services

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Thanks to Qbit Managed Services proposal, our clients will have access to an efficient functional support, development and technology service for their Oracle ERP JD Edwards, ERP Cloud, ERP and CRM Netsuite system operation management, as well as Oracle IaaS cloud Services.

Our proactive method is focused on improving their operations and becoming a strategic IT partner. Our track record includes the successful provision of help desk support to over 20 clients based in Argentina and Chile, among other Latin American countries.

Our team is made up of professionals with vast experience in Oracle ERP software and business processes. We help our clients manage their installation and solve any (functional, development, and technology) incident that may emerge during their daily operations, and we also offer them evolutionary improvements. Our service can be provided remotely, at the client's premises, or as a combination of both in order to meet every client's needs, structure and procedures. Our work methodology and philosophy are based on incident prioritization, technical analysis and understanding, timely resolution, smooth client communications, and continuous improvement.

The scope of our Support Service includes:

Resolution of functional and technical incidents, and assessment of improvements on existing management systems.

Development of new Requirements.

Ongoing Support Service to manage our clients' systems.

Management of our clients' Facilities and IaaS cloud Infrastructure.

Our Value Proposition

The goal of this service is to ensure the correct operation of our clients' system, guaranteeing continuity without disruption of operations and proposing the corresponding improvements based on reported incidents. Based on these objectives, our value proposition includes:

  • Specialization: Our team is made up of professionals with functional, development and technical profiles devoted to thoroughly meet all our customer needs. Our human capital is trained to offer support to every version of Oracle JD Edwards, ERP Cloud, Oracle Netsuite and Oracle IasS cloud, and it can also provide the appropriate optimal solutions and a comprehensive work approach.

  • The Client Comes First: We encourage continued, smooth communications with our clients via our various contact channels. Moreover, we hold regular service management control meetings to promote continuous improvement.

  • Enhanced Support: Thanks to our degree of client awareness and loyalty, we can have a thorough understanding of their business, people, processes and facilities, which helps us reduce resolution times and offer suitable upgrades.

  • Management Tools: We have the right tools to offer support and enable ongoing incident tracking as per the SLA defined for each client, control reports, and documentation on a case-by-case basis.

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