Project Planning and Execution

We have wide experience providing specialized services for the execution of integral projects to transform, from IT, the businesses of each company. Our services include:

New JD Edwards installations comprising technological, functional, development and integration components of other organization systems (SOA);

Implementation of additional modules or new functionalities on already operational installations for more extensive and/or better use of the tool;

Migrations/Upgrades of all versions of JD Edwards based on Oracle methodology "Upgrades in 100 days or less"

Process improvement and project re-engineering;

Training oriented to client needs.

Success factors:
Innovation, specialization, standardization and methodology.

Each project is an opportunity to add strategic value to the business based on technological innovations. For these projects to be successful, it is essential that objectives be met within the established times and costs.
Through 17 years of experience, we have developed a solid methodology that guarantees the satisfactory fulfillment of objectives, providing additional value to the migration or implementation:

    • 1. Our work approach tends to eliminate unnecessary developments or those that can be replaced by standard programs. The purpose is to optimize and simplify maintenance (thus reducing associated costs) while safeguarding software original integrity.

    • 2. Our resources are professionals and JD Edwards specialists, certified by Oracle. Their knowledge in different business areas (finance, logistics etc.) and industries allows them to understand and design processes suited to the needs of each client, making better use of tools and best practices for each market. On the other hand, thanks to their knowledge as system specialists they can enhance standard software functionalities.

    • 3. Our methodology for project implementation is based on three pillars:


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