Software factory

At Qbit, we have a large and experienced team of JD Edwards developers dedicated to solving the programming requirements of our clients’ systems area. Our main objective is to enable each client company to reduce costs and focus entirely on the activities that add extra value to its business. Qbit Software Factory services include:

JD Edwards customization developments;

Applications for central system contingencies;

Development of modules for customized management systems;

Development of SOA integrations (JD Edwards Business Services).

All customizations are based on the Oracle Extensibility Guide for JD Edwards. By designing and developing according to its standards:

System TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is reduced)

Implementation of customized solutions is simplified;

Code overrides are minimized when new ESUs or JD Edwards updates are applied.

Value for your business
Why a Software Factory?

This type of service has multiple advantages for the business. Firstly, it has quality guarantee in each development since it has been provided by highly trained and experienced professionals. Besides, this work scheme allows for:

  • Planning based on an accurate estimate of processing times and operation costs involved;
  • Lower expenses for items such as technological upgrading and infrastructure;
  • Improvement of production processes, resulting in increased business competitiveness and profitability.


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