Throughout 17 years of experience, we have developed a solid methodology that guarantees the success of each project, meeting expectations, time goals and budgets agreed with the client and aligning them with the general business strategies of each company. Our work methodology provides a structured guide for the planning, execution and control of each project, in order to implement new solutions more efficiently.

This methodology is based on three fundamental aspects:


Definition of operating model: simple, efficient and standard.

Defining a simple model that generates the necessary information for decision-making, while improving internal control.

Emphasis is placed on business processes efficiency and ease of operation. Model design will adjust as much as possible to the system's default functionalities, to facilitate maintenance and continuous improvement processes.


Project Management: efficiency in the execution of each stage.

Assuring the orchestrated work of project team members, according to the established scope and schedule.

A work plan based on a specific and proven methodology for implementation ensures a logical sequence for the execution of activities, with the participation of the necessary levels of the organization and the lowest possible impact on company current operation.


Change management: training and know-how.

Training and communication to achieve change acceptance and adoption of new processes in the shortest possible time. We aim to develop the skills of those team members who will work on the project and on its subsequent daily maintenance.

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