Return on Investment

The Low Total Cost of Ownership of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, which enables a quick ROI, is based on three different aspects:

Focus on Industries:

It allows limiting complexity by specializing in covering the needs of industries, both vertical-specific and general.

Open platform:

Compatible with different technologies and third-party integrations.

Oracle Commitment to JD Edwards:

Permanent support to JD Edwards as the ideal ERP for Industries. Continuous investment and development.


JD Edwards customers can complete their IT infrastructure in a flexible and integrated way. They can take advantage of JD Edwards as an Oracle product and complete their IT infrastructure by purchasing the full stack at preferential prices (hardware, database, middleware, and complementary applications). Alternatively, they can acquire their infrastructure from other providers.


The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach adopted by Oracle JD Edwards makes it possible to keep TCO low when considering the need for third-party applications or development of extensions to basic ERP processes.

Simplified implementation and upgrades
Oracle Validated Integration and Migration in 100 days.

Oracle Validated Integration (OVI)

They enable the implementation of quick and low cost solutions. OVIs are optimized configuration tools that incorporate Oracle’s vast experience in implementations in specific industries and regions while providing the flexibility to customize configurations according to customers' business requirements. OVIs reduce implementation time without limiting flexibility and functionality or affecting the low Total Cost of Ownership inherent to JD Edwards.

Upgrades in 100 days or less:

Based on its extensive customer experience, Oracle has developed a methodology that allows you to reduce the complexity, cost, and challenges of migrating to more current versions of JD Edwards. This methodology is proven and safe, offering the certainty of its result: migration in 100 days or less, depending on the complexity of the client installation.

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