PDF Designer

PDF Designer designs layouts and templates based on reports processed in JD Edwards, in a simple way and without programming costs. It also optimizes distribution through the automatic execution of prints, e-mail sending and copies in servers, defined according to user's preferences.

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Layouts in two clicks
Eliminates programming and development costs

It allows the creation and modification of layouts and templates from reports already executed by the ERP. In this way, it simplifies the creation and modification of critical business reports such as delivery slips, invoices, purchase orders, checks, balance sheets and custom reports, among others.

  • Inserts company logo;
  • Modifies typography;
  • Selects the data to be displayed;
  • Hides information;
  • Inserts texts;
  • Chooses layout;
  • Creates lines, boxes, etc.

Distribution Services:
Reporting automation.

PDF Designer automates the sending or output of reports according to the requirements of each area or user. Configuration is very flexible, covering all the needs that a company may have.
Automatic distribution actions available:

  • Send emails  

Sends attached file. Allows setting Recipient, Subject and Body based on selected variables from the report.

  • Clipping  

Distributes document clippings according to variables defined by the user, for example, clip every certain number of pages or clip by concept (customers, suppliers etc.).

  • Extraction  

It extracts from the document those pages that meet the conditions set.

  • Copy  

Keep copies of the report in certain assigned directories.

  • Prints  

Selects the printer where you want to print the document.

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