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Tax Solutions allow comprehensive and optimized compliance with national, state and local regulations in force in Argentina, complementing standard software localizations.

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They have Oracle Validated Integration. The scope of the Solutions has been previously established and their functionalities have been tested by Oracle. Developed with the Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) methodology, they have:

Low Total Cost of Ownership;

Simplified maintenance;

Quick Implementation.


Business Value:
Quick Return on Investment

The Argentine tax system is one of the most complex in Latin America with respect to regulations and compliance processes. In addition, it is also subject to constant changes, either by new resolutions issued by collection agencies or due to changes in existing ones. Faced with this situation, Tax Solutions solve critical issues for any company, regardless of their tax complexity, adding value to our customers' business.

Comprehensive tax solution for all types of companies.

Updated and easy to maintain: No customizations or retrofitting.

Simplified, reliable and safe operations.

Scope and Functionalities

Tax Solutions incorporate the following complementary functionalities for compliance with different tax regulations:

For national taxes:

They incorporate AFIP (Argentine National Tax Agency) Taxpayer master data into JD Edwards to calculate VAT withholdings and collections, Income Tax and Social Security deductions, as applicable;

They generate the necessary information in the format required to be submitted to AFIP (National Tax Agency), as required by regulations.

It allows the control of client's or supplier's tax situation by comparing JDe information against AFIP taxpayer registration and apocryphal invoice master data.

For state and local taxes:

They allow compliance with complex regulations regarding calculation of tax withholdings and collection by incorporating client’s and supplier’s tax situation and calculation procedures by jurisdiction.

It generate Turnover Tax withholding certificates in the format required by each jurisdiction.

They incorporate state taxpayer master data into JD Edwards (rates, high risk and embargo records) by executing reports to calculate the withholding/collection rates in a particular way for each client/supplier

Turnover Tax Multi-Collection and Multi-Withholding perform collections or withholdings in those jurisdictions where the client/supplier is registered and where the company is a collection or withholding agent. They also consider the place of delivery of goods or provision of service, and apply to both state and local tax withholdings/collections

It contains applications for the configuration of jurisdictions where the supplier/client is registered, coefficients according to CM05 form (in the case of taxpayers registered in the Multilateral Agreement), certificates of exemption and tax collection/withholding agent certificates.

It executes reports for the creation of TXT files containing tax collections and withholdings made by each jurisdiction, so that they can be imported into existing applications. Such TXT files contain the definition of records required by each of the jurisdictions.

It executes reports for creation of TXT files showing Turnover Tax collection and Withholdings applied, containing the definition of records required to import them into the SIFERE application.

They comply with the billing requirements of the Transfer Operation Code or COT (mandatory for all transfers made in the Provinces of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe), by generating a TXT file that is automatically executed at the time when the documentation related to the transfer of the goods is issued.

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